Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4 Steps for a Better Life

Live a Happy & Healthy Life

1. Better Eating Habits

People migrating from rural to urban areas, either have limited time or for taste switch to fast foods. By doing this they are compromising their health for some ease. In such a situation the balance of the body is disturbed. Fast foods contain excess of fats & carbohydrates and lack vital  nutrients. The result is that more and more people are becoming victims of obesity and are facing various health problems. 

Including fruits, milk and vegetables in your diet at least once a day should help account for the lack of nutrients in your other meals. A few thing you can take are Apple, milk, almonds, multi-grain flour/bread. These are the best options available, its always better if you can take some more variety.

2. Avoid Snacking

Some people whom i have met personally say they eat very less calories but they don't take in account the calories they take when they eat a things like biscuits, cold drinks, coffee/tea etc. 

A good alternative would be to take salads or sprouts as a replacement of snacks. You could also take Green tea instead of beverages. These small steps would really impact your weight management.

3. Active lifestyle

One of the biggest problem today is that most people have desk jobs, our lives don't involve any kind of physical activities. This is the direct result of comfort we are growing accustomed to due to the advances in technology. Nowadays, people prefer easier options over the ones that include some exertion. 

Solving this problem is easy, if you go to your office in a multistory building prefer steps over the lift. You could walk over short distances like the grocery shop/general shop. Take out some time to do some exercise   or some fitness activities involving your whole family.

4. Relieve your Stress

Stress is assimilating into our lives due to our lifestyle. Our job, relationships and duties put pressure on us to do more and more. And this pressure keeps on increasing if we don't manage our resources and time.

The best way to reduce stress is giving time to yourself. Time management is critical for your life. You need to balance your time such that you are able to spend some time with your loved ones, such as planning Sunday outings or picnics. These activities will help you relieve that extra burden on your shoulders